Dry Running Vacuum Pumps for Furnace Applications

Proven to be Robust, Rugged and Reliable

TWISTER S-VSA Screw Vacuum Pump

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  • Capacities from 105 to 720 m3/h
  • End vacuum 0.05 mbar (abs)
  • Screw rotors with fixed pitchLow noise level
  • Easy to service

TWISTER S-VSB Screw Vacuum Pump


  • Capacities from 80 to 650 m3/h
  • End vacuum 0.05 mbar (abs)
  • Screw rotors with change of pitch
  • Low noise level and operating temperature
  • Easy to service

R-VWP Rotary Lobe Vacuum Pump


  • Capacities from 485 to 2,752 m3/h
  • Mainly used in combination with backing pumps
  • Contact free operation
  • No process contamination
  • Internal bypass valve

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