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Low Noise Levels – This pump operates using low noise and low vibrations using technology
Built-in Anti Backstream Device – The GHP Series are perfectly protected from backstream when operation is suspended.
Easy Assembling and Disassembling – All the parts and components of the systems have interchangeable compatibility. Securing of the location-setting parallel pins and connecting with stators are treated with O-ring seal, making it possible to assemble and disassemble with ease.
Equipped with Gas Ballast Valve – The series are equipped with gas ballast valve, which effectively eliminates oil vapours and condensed gases.
Prevention of Oil Leakage – The series is designed to have a double seal structure with an oil berth installed in the intermediate position, minimizing stress differences between both sides of the oil seal, preventing oil leaks from the seal.
Anti-Dust Producing – Driven by direct connection, the series does not produce any dust as it may, belt abrasion when driven by belt, contributing to maintaining clean environment.
Driven by Direct Connection – The series are small and light compared to other systems.






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