OF322 Motor | Junair

OF302 Junair

Seven compressor combinations and five different tank sizes are available to create the desired compressor system. The first number in the description represents the compressor motor size, while the second represents the receiver size in Liters (if a receiver is used).


  • Beverage
  • Lab
  • Gas Generation
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Quiet (ultra-quiet in cabinets)
Modern design
Long-life, two-year-warranty
Low noise and vibration level
State-of-the-art performance
Highly efficient
Flexible installation
Easy maintenance
Integrated filtration
100% duty cycle, runs continuously



Model OF322
System Type Motor
Market Beverage / Lab / Gas Generation
Displacement (50 Hz) 2.37 cfm (67 l/min)
Displacement (60 Hz) 2.97 cfm (84 l/min)
FAD @ Max Pressure (50 Hz) 1.41 cfm (40 l/min)
FAD @ Max Pressure (60 Hz) 1.55 cfm (44 l/min)
Max Pressure 175 psig (12 bar)
Noise Level (50 Hz) 72 dB(A)
Noise Level (60 Hz) 72 dB(A)
Price: RM0.00
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