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VSC side channel blowers are dynamic blowers that transfer kinetic energy to the medium agent by contactless rotating impellers. The gas is drawn in through a built-in silencer and then the energy transfer is taking place repeatedly in the blower housing. At the discharge side the gas is wiped off at the interrupter and discharged through a second built-in silencer. The energy transfer is achieved in single-stage version as well as two-stage version with two separate impellers for higher differential pressures.

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Maintenance-Free through external permanently greased bearings, non-contacting impellers and fan-cooled motors
Environmentally-Safe through oil-free compression, low energy comsumption and low noise level
User-Friendly through robust yet lightweight construction of all sizes due to die cast aluminium, through vertical and horizontal mounting position and suited for variable speed control
Worldwide Usable through 50/60Hz wide voltage range motors with insulation class H and type of protection IP55, as well as built-in overheat protection and CE, UL and CSA certification
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