Vactech offers a versatile, power efficient and proven system for your central vacuum requirements.

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Vactech offers a versatile and efficient central vacuum system for use in any building. We also offer an excellent range of products and reliable after-sales services.

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Vactech Central House Vacuum System

Cleaning is essential for any building, both for the commercial value and for the tenants. While there are many cleaning technology available, there is no system that will effectively get rid of the dust and dirt. Central Vacuum Systems have been used in many smart green buildings whereby it ensures 100% no re-circulation of the dust, dirt and smell back into the working environment.


The most versatile, power efficient, proven vacuum system for your central vacuum requirement!

Installed in various types of industry ranging from cement factories to cleanrooms, the Vactech are the perfect solution for any situations.

The duo bloc design gives the owner the flexibility of configuring the plantroom layout.