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Halifax Fan Ltd- Industrial Centrifugal Fans

One of the world’s top manufacturers of industrial centrifugal fans, Halifax Fan Ltd designs and creates a wide assortment of industrial fans that range from simple ID / FD fans to those required in the most demanding applications.

Self-cleaning, backward inclined , backward curved, radial, forward curved, paddle bladed, high pressure blowers and ATEX fans, all form part of our range.

Halifax Fan’s range of industrial centrifugal fans are also energy efficient. Since energy efficiency is a critical factor in today’s environmentally-aware world, each fan is custom engineered with your exact performance specification. It doesn’t matter which industry you’re from or what kind of application you need, we are quite sure that Halifax Fan has a fan to suit your specifications. Halifax Fan has operated in many industries and has fans operating in almost every country on earth.

Offshore / Petrochemical | Halifax Fan

Pharmaceutical | Halifax Fan


Combustion | Halifax Fan

combustion fans malaysia

Gas Tight ATEX | Halifax Fan

Gas Tight ATEX Fan Malaysia

Alternative Drives | Halifax Fan

Alternative Drives

Turnkey Packages | Halifax Fan


Steam Turbine Driven | Halifax Fan

Steam Turbine Driven

Chemicals (Titanium Impeller) | Halifax Fan

Chemical Fan

Food | Halifax Fan

Chemicals (Hestellor Impeller) | Halifax Fan

Chemicals (Hestellor Impeller)

ATEX Fan | Halifax Fan

ATEX Fan | Halifax Fan

If you can’t find or are not certain about the Halifax Fan industrial centrifugal fans that you need, don’t hesitate to call our sales team to help you out.