Launching CycloBlower H.E. Series Screw Blowers

The CycloBlower H.E. was built with efficiency in mind for energy savings. With energy consumption typically being the largest cost of ownership, the CycloBlower H.E.’s best-in-class energy efficiency can save thousands on energy bills, lowering your bottom line, and increasing profits.

With airflows up to 6,200 CFM, pressures up to 36 psi, and vacuum up to 22 inches of mercury it is ideal  for a wide range of applications including Wastewater Treatment, dilute & dense phase Pneumatic Conveying, Cement, Chemical Processing, Industrial Processing, Food Processing, and Plastic Molding and Handling.

Gardner Denver went beyond expectations and cut no corners when it came to quality and durability of the CycloBlower H.E. Only the best of the best components are used assuring you can be fully confident in your investment.

Gardner Denver thought outside of the box to save you money when it comes to installation. As the only rotary screw bare blower on the market, the CycloBlower H.E. gives you flexibility to retrofit and upgrade existing packages. Don’t waste money on capital expenses buying the inflexible, overpriced, prepackaged units. Customize a new package or retrofit existing packages with the CycloBlower H.E. to maximize performance without maxing out your budget.