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Electric Pneumatic Conveyors for Diluted Phase Conveyance

Pneumatic conveyors of electrical series generate vacuum by means of a powerful single-phase motor or by means of powerful side-channel blowers (up to 15kW), which are ideal to transport heavy materials over long distances. The machine body is available in diameter 280 or 420, depending on the amount of material to be transported, on loading/unloading cycles of the production line and on the dimensions of the space available for the installation of the machinery. Filter cartridges are cleaned through automatic blowing systems and are available in polyester for food contact or in stainless steel, depending on the material to convey and on the size of its particles. Different types of unloading systems allow the complete, fast and effective discharge of the conveyed material. It is possible to choose among numerous construction and automation options for each model of conveyor, so that each machine can be adapted on customer’s machinery and to specific application needs. Quick and easy to install thanks to colored and pre-wired pipes.

  1. Conveyors of powders, granules and solids – short distance
    1. Extremely compact single-phase conveyors for the efficient short-distance transport of dry and light powders. Transport with the best value for money of the product range.
  1. Conveyors of powders, granules and solids – long distance

Single-phase or three-phase conveyors for the long-distance transport of powders and granules. This unit can be extremely tailored to fit customer’s needs, thanks to the modularity of the components: separated or integrated suction units that can be boosted at a later time, without having to replace the entire pneumatic conveyor. Multiple construction options for the total integration on customer’s machinery and for constructive needs. Top quality conveying.

Electric Pneumatic Conveyors for Diluted Phase Conveyance