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Flange Mixers

Flange mount, non-pressure, direct drive mixer. Flange for drum lid mounting or closed top mounting on vessels to 800 gallons. Mixing viscosities up to 5000 centipoise in 55 gallons vessels, lighter viscosities in larger vessels. Dual opposing provide efficient liquid turnover.

Standard Equipment
– 1 hp air motor, 3/8” NPS-M inlet air connection, muffler and speed control. Air
requirements :- 10-16 cfm @ 70 psi
– 6” diameter flange and gasket
– Speed range, 0-3000 rpm
– Stainless steel shaft coupling
– Stainless steel shaft 5/8” x 33” long
– Stainless steel 6” triple blade propellers (2)
– Shaft lengths to 96” maximum
– 1 Hp air motor
– Propeller 5”,6”,8” or 10”
– Heavy duty Clamp mount

Flange Mixers