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Series 77 Tri- Clamp Mixer

Flange mount, direct drive, pressure and non-pressure operation for use in mixing liquids in chemical. Food and pharmaceutical industries. Viscosities up to 10,000 centipoise can be mixed in vessels up to 5 gallons. Lighter viscosities in vessels up to 1,000 gallons. Vertical or horizontal mounting shaft seals for vacuum or 125/150 psi pressure operation. Flange is equipped non-lubricating, double-sealed bearings.

Standard Equipment
– ½ hp to 5 hp air driven models.
– Air valve for speed control, muffler and inlet air connection.
– Aluminum motor mount plate
– Stainless tri-clamp flange 2” to 4”
– Stainless shaft diameters 3/8 ” to ¾”, model dependent. Lengths to 75”.
– Stainless propeller, model dependent, from 3” to 8”
– Shaft cassed shaft seal, 125/150 psi, for vacuum or pressure operation.
– Non-pressure models
– Food grade models, all stainless except for motor, polished shaft and propeller.
– Various gear reduction for speed range of 0-350 rpm
– Non-pressure models
– Inverter for speed control
– Explosion proof motor
– 50Hz operation

Series 77 Tri- Clamp Mixer