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With rugged construction that’s suitable for demanding applications, the SDR4, SDR5, SDR6 series of blowers offer oil-less operation and have no wearing components, which ensures that the discharge air remains free of contamination. In addition, they have very few moving parts, which minimizes downtime and helps to lessen operating noise levels.

Up to 10 Max Horsepower (7.5 kW)

Aluminium Blower Housing, Impeller and Cover – Aluminium blower housing, impeller, and cover makes major components inherently corrosion-resistant, promoting extended life.

Separate Drive Models – The separate drive allows customer to select the motor technology that best suits their needs and application.  Drive pulley size can be changed and variable speed motors can be used to lower the speed and control the amount of air flow.

Optional Relief Valve Recommended – Optional relief valve recommended to prevent over pressure/over-vacuum for applications that require deadheading.