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SVT Series Oil-sealed Screw Vacuum Pump

Saving precious space using one big machine versus several small machines for the same capacity.

Save cost per Purchase by using 1 unit vs several units

  • SVT1500 / 22kW: 1,390 m3/h
  • SVT2000 / 38kW: 1,940 m3/h
  • SVT4000 / 55kW: 3,605 m3/h


  • No cooling water needed
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Proven oil-lubricated screw technology
  • Plug and play system right out of the box
  • Premium air end from Ingersoll Rand
  • Ingenious and simple single oil separator vessel
  • Direct-coupled motor
  • Thermal separation zones for reliable operation
  • Advanced frequency converter
  • Colour touch screen HMI
  • High-efficiency inlet filter
  • Premium classic acoustic enclosure

SVT Series Oil-sealed Screw Vacuum Pump