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4AM-GR25 (GM)

The compact 4AM-GR25 (GM) series offers variable operating speeds and power output that can be adjusted to meet the precise needs of your application. Their 15:1 gear reducer is not only ideal for lower speed and higher torque applications, but they also can be stalled or overloaded for long periods without damaging the motor. In addition to being a non-electrical device and cool running, Gast air motors are ideal for use in hazardous and extreme ambient temperature locations.

Instant Starting, Stopping & Reversing – The ability to instantly start, stop and reverse eliminates the operational delays associated with electric motor speed up and slow-down periods.

Mounting Option – Face mounting – horizontal or shaft down operation.

Customisation – Customization of materials, shafts, paint colors, mounting configurations and gearing is available for OEM applications.

4AM-GR25 (GM)