VACTECH | Air Compressor & Vacuum Pump Supplier

Vactech Sdn Bhd was formed in 1996 with the aim to conquer market share in the vacuum and air industry.

Achieving rapid growth in the industry, Vactech now does not only provide a wide range of vacuum and pressure equipment but also provide a complete solution ranging from the simplest vacuum usage to complete system application solutions.

Continuous innovation in technology has allowed us to serve many public-listed companies, multi-national companies, entrepreneur companies and government agencies, providing them not only with the total solution in the air and vacuum but also the best engineering standard and performance.

Today, we are completed by a number of professionals with many years of valuable experiences and exposures in the air and vacuum industry. They are supported by a team of young, dynamic, well-trained and disciplined employees.

Experience was gained over the years of exposure in numerous projects of various industries including:

  • Supply and install Centralized Vacuum System for Electronic and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plants
  • Upgrading of existing Vacuum System of Tobacco Manufacturing Plants
  • Supply, install and preventive maintenance of Vacuum and Blower System for Disk Drives Manufacturing Plants
  • Supply and install Air Sparging/Soil Vapor Extraction Remediation System
  • Fabricate, supply and deliver Anaerobic Digester Gas Compressor to overseas site
  • Supply Vacuum for Dental System c/w Amalgam Separator Tank to Dental Hospital
  • Supply, deliver and install Process Vacuum Piping and CDA piping for Led Lighting Plant

Cater to the needs of our customers, employees, stakeholders and the public, our company continues to explore into eco-friendly and innovative air and vacuum solutions.

Having the above, we are proud to be known as one of the leading “AIR SPECIALISTS” throughout Malaysia.

Vactech offers an extensive and versatile line of air-moving products. These include vacuum pump, pressure pump, pressure vacuum pump, air motor, centrifugal blower/fan, regenerative blower, air compressor and diaphragm pump.

We offer cost-effective solutions on pneumatic problems for both OEM and end-users. VACTECH is committed to finding the right products to meet your specific needs. We have high quality products to fit your existing application or to meet your anticipated needs, otherwise a customized cost-effective design option will be recommended to cater for the special needs.

Range of Products

  • Vacuum Pumps / Pressure Pumps / Pressure-Vacuum Pumps Vacuum pump is widely used in most of the industrial applications. Pump is available in oil-less, lubricated, motor mounted and separate drive styles.
  • Air Compressors It is an extremely quiet and highly efficient operation for use in medical, industrial, chemical, environment and scientific industries with easy maintenance.
  • Air Motors / Gear Motors It is known for its rugged construction and reliability which is available in lubricated or oil-less.
  • Centrifugal Blower / Fan The centrifugal blower/fan is a constant volume device and one of the most widely used blower/fan and by far the most prevalent type of blower/fan used in HVAC industry today.
  • Regenerative Blowers Regenerative Blower is meant for high volume vacuum and compressed air application. It is available in motor-mounted or separate drive styles.
  • Diaphragm Pumps It is a low maintenance alternative for industrial use in pumping a variety of materials at varied volumes, wet or dry.
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