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Designed to be durable the PCA series piston features oil-less operation, piston ring design that provides consistent flows throughout the service life of the unit, and a selection motor technology to fit your needs. Built to last, the PCA series also features corrosion resistant internal components, easily replaceable wear items and proprietary Teflon filled piston rings, help to maximize uptime and minimize downtime.

Up to 1.7 Max Horsepower (1.27kW)

Oil-Less Operation – Ensure discharges of air remain free of contamination from lubricants with the PCA series Oil-less operation

Corrosion Resistant – Extended life is provided by corrosion-resistant internal components such as aluminium heads and valve plates or anodized cylinder and stainless steel valves

Long Service-Free Life – Maximize uptime with simple field service capability featuring wear items that are easily replaced and maintenance-free. The PCA series also features a piston ring that provides consistent flows throughout the service life of the unit and is filled with proprietary Teflon for longer life

Rugged Construction – Built to withstand even the harshest operating conditions the PCA series is suitable for even the most demanding applications